Located on the slopes of Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, Villa Marabbecca was born from the wise restoration of an old farmhouse with a millstone and a large garden.

The works, which have enriched the residence with a comfortable swimming pool, have made Marabbecca the ideal place for an exclusive holiday all year long: the Sicilian summers are a spell to try at least once in your life, but even the mild winters allow you to appreciate the charm of this unique land.

Fun and relaxation are the watchwords for all guests of the Villa, both for those staying for a short break and for those who choose a longer stay.

The Farmhouse

The style of the house takes inspiration from the Sicilian tradition, highlighting at the same time some elements dating back to 1860, at the age of Garibaldi epic.

Through a combination of beauty and functionality, Villa Marabbecca offers to couples and families the best of regional architecture and design: the large, airy rooms, the colors of exterior and interior spaces that blend with the Etna landscpae, even the details realized by local artisans, such as wrought iron furnishings and Sicilian terracotta tiles.

All rooms are complete with all the comfort typical of modern living, and is included also free parking for private use, so you can move around day and night.

The Garden

The hospitality of the rooms and covered areas is combined with the open spaces available to visitors all year around.

The 20,000-square-meter garden is full of varieties of plants typical of Mediterranean flora: the agave, native to the Americas but cultivated in Europe since the time of the conquistadores; the palm, perennial tree with a wonderful foliage, reminiscent of the oriental atmosphere; the olive tree, which produces one of the most valuable Sicilian products, the oil.

Icing on the cake, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, equipped with loungers and umbrellas to enjoy the sun - and why not a refreshing cocktail - between a dive and the other.

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